SAVE & GIVE Fundraiser

Save & Give is a cause-marketing / affinity fundraising program to help generate additional funds for individuals including support raising missionaries and for organizations as non-profit ministries.

Who Saves and Who Gives?
Customers of Stream’s essential home services SAVE monthly while
Stream as the provider of those services will then GIVE to the individual or organization offering the services.  Simple.  Just offer quality services that people already need and use at a good price from your own Stream website.  Then wait for the funds to be added to your bank account.  Not just once at the point of sale but EVERY month that those customers pay their Stream bills.

How do customers SAVE? Marketing of Stream’s essential home services results in gathering customers.  Unlike some programs, our distributors cannot purchase and stockpile products just to earn bonuses.  We are mostly about services, not products even though we have some products like cell phones to use with our wireless service.

Again, customers SAVE on essential home services listed below.  Stream will then GIVE the organization funds, in the form of commissions for their marketing efforts.  Consider this like getting a donation but it is not receipted as you would a donation.  These funds can be used for necessary operating costs / budget to support your  approved mission/ministry.

Cause-related marketing is simple and easy.  This kind of direct sales marketing is actually nothing new as this has been a primary way for businesses to support non-profits for many years.  I can imagine that even the disciples sold some of their fish or fish nets at times to support their ministry costs.

This program uses the expanding services of Stream, which is a seasoned and proven company based in Dallas with over $1 billion in sales annually.  Click on this Stream logo to learn more.  This will be the website you get as you join Stream in this program.  This one is for my own ministry – Pastoral Counseling Institute.
Stream Logo (New)Stream’s Services include:

Mobile (phone and Sprint plans offered nationally)
Home (Smart Thermostat; Digital Voice/internet based home or office phone service)
Protective (Roadside Assistance, Virtual MD, Identity Protection, Credit Card Monitoring, Tech Support)
Energy (electricity or natural gas services in six states of TX, GA, MD, PA, NY, NJ and in DC.

Imagine the positive impact your friends and donors can make every month in supporting their favorite cause by simply paying your monthly bills for the energy, mobile, protective and home services offered by Stream?

You can get more information on Stream services by clicking on the Stream banner above or the Sign Up banner below to investigate how much you can save with Stream services and to help support your favorite cause by using their Stream website.  IMPORTANT:  be sure to order services from the Stream site of the ministry you wish to support.

Customers simply click on Get Services while individuals or organizations seeking to adopt this fundraiser will click on Join Stream.  BTW, your ministry will benefit if you are able to encourage them to use this fundraiser as well.

As an organization, we encourage you to offer this Save & Give funding option as an additional Way to Give on your website.   Any organization choosing this fundraiser will be rewarded for marketing efforts similar to how organizations benefit from the popular Amazon Smiles affinity program as mentioned below.

Examples of this fundraising site can be found here:

Organization Fundraiser:  Go to and click on their Donate page for Youth Outreach United (Y.O.U.).

Also go to for the Stream website for Pastoral Counseling Institute in Franklin, TN.  This opportunity to support this non-profit is on the PCI website at

Individual Fundraiser:  My personal Stream website at is an example of how this cause marketing works for an individual for personal needs or as a missionary generating the financial resources to pursue or continue ministry work.  Most individual missionaries are in need of supplementing their financial support today.  See how I have added this information on my two ministry sites at Medical Mobilizers and Pastoral Counseling Institute.

You might be asking now about cause marketing?  If this is a new concept for you, I encourage you to learn more at:
“Today, companies have fully embraced what is called “doing well while doing well.” Cause-related marketing may eventually become the primary way that businesses express their social responsibility.  The growth of cause marketing has exploded, from a $120 million industry in 1990 to $2 billion in 2016. Plus consumers seem to like it. Research has suggested that more than 89 percent of consumers would switch brands to buy cause-related products (or services) if price and quality were similar.”  (What Every Nonprofit Should Know About Cause Marketing).

Consider the Shop to Give affinity program offered by Compassion International, a large child sponsorship ministry based in Colorado Springs using the popular Amazon Smiles program.  You can see this on the Compassion site at

During our struggling economic times, we are all looking for ways to support our favorite causes while still being conscious of family and business budgets.

The commissions are paid monthly (residual income from one sale) for the duration of the customer’s relationship with Stream. There is no extra out-of-pocket cost for the organization nor the customer.

Enrolling as a customer for one of our services is very easy: Go to your ministry’s Stream website and click on Get Services.  Enjoy the quality service and then also the savings on your bills.  By doing so, you are likewise generating funds for your favorite friend, missionary or charity.

Enrolling as an organization for this fundraiser is also easy.  Go to a ministry’s Stream website and click on Join.  Again, you must be on the Stream site of the ministry you wish to support by your efforts to benefit from this program.   Some of your legal documents are required to prove your approved legal status whether for-profit or non-profit.

There is no additional cost for the customer to participate but there is some cost involved for the distributor / associate which is essentially for long-term coaching and a website to market services to your constituents.  If immediate action is taken,  you will recover your cost in the first 30 days.  From that point on, there are minor ongoing overhead expenses.  You will enjoy a lifetime of coaching / mentoring as either an organizational or individual associate.

It is in your power to help your favorite cause.  Please encourage those organizations you already support to develop this fundraiser.  

Additional Information:

  • We are offering hope and resources to other networking individuals as well.  You can watch a Business Plan Presentation on our site under Load Other Videos.
  • When we sign up organizations for this Save & Give affinity program, their main focus is acquiring lots of loyal customers.  Bonuses are also possible for getting customers.  Long term monthly residual income is the key benefit from these efforts.
  • When we sign up individuals, their main focus is acquiring customers but they can also recruit and train others to do the same.  Individuals can sign up organizations as well.  Organizations can certainly sign up individuals, especially individual missionaries on your staff.
  • Both types of associates generate resources ideally for some great causes or simply to support their monthly budgets.
  • This fundraiser can even be used to achieve some specific goals like keeping one’s spouse home with the kids or to start a college fund, obtain a necessary car, help elderly parents, etc.

To learn more, go view or download my file in my Drop Box (Save & Give Fundraiser Presentation). Note:  this was built for the Stream Power Up program that is limited to Energy services in six states.  What we are doing with Save & Give allows you to market all of Stream services, not just energy services in six states. 

Click HERE to get some directions to set up your fundraising program.

Click on this Sign Up banner and then click on “Get Services” to start saving and giving at the same time.  Or click on “Join Stream” to start your own funding program either as an individual or organization.  IMPORTANT:  Be sure to check with Ron to see if you should use this site or another Stream site.

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My goal is to help you or your organization generate additional resources.  If I help you effectively, that also generates funds for my ministry – PCI.  Our mission is “Training & Mentoring for Pastoral Counseling”.  Extra funding will permit PCI to offer training to pastors in Africa for example.

For more information, contact:

Ron Lively, M.Div., M.A.
Stream – Managing Director